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About Us

Sick of computer problems, technicians are late or who don’t turn up at all? Tired of business equipment breakdowns, are unknown IT problems a ticking time bomb for your business? Spending money and losing money due to IT problems or breakdowns in your business or constantly billed to fix your IT? Not knowing who to trust and what to buy when setting up your business? Do you feel left out of the IT loop? Don’t know what it is all about and unsure who to trust?

Traditional IT support is fixing your IT problems after the damage is done. You feel so dependent on IT people; leaving you out of the loop - and out of control which in turn causes a breakdown in confidence of your own business.

Trust with Less Worry, Concern and Downtime is what Byte-Wise IT Solutions pride ourselves on. Byte-Wise IT Solutions will bring back confidence in your business and getting the job done. Problem fixed, NO FUSS, Byte-Wise IT Solutions just simply GET IT DONE!! Less worry, concern and downtime.

Don’t worry, Byte-Wise IT Solutions is here to get the job done. “Thank God Byte-Wise IT Solutions is here and the Job is done!”

Call Byte-Wise IT Solutions NOW if you want to improve your business and move forward technology wise.


Why do people use our service?

  1. Irritated you can’t operate efficiently and loose time or can’t operate at all. Loosing money in staff wages as well as customer satisfaction? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we are proactive instead or reactive when it comes to IT and business equipment.
  2. Sick and tired of technicians not turning up on time or not at all or exasperated with technicians not fixing it the first time? We provide quick response at competitive rates, we will be around again when you need as we have been in business over 20 years. We also have technically qualified and trained staff to help in any situation.
  3. Can’t sleep at night after loosing work that is irreplaceable that will cost money and much time to get back some information you may have lost if you’d known how easy it was to setup a backup solution? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we take care of the little things that are big things if you loose them. We know how important your documents, files and photos are and we provide you with solutions to minimize any lost to your business.
  4. Tired of paying out bills and constantly spending money on IT calls? You feel your constantly wasting money on IT equipment. At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we know how important cash flow is to you and your budget. We help you budget on your IT so you know what expenses you are up for and help you understand what you need and don’t just sell you a quick fix.
  5. Can’t afford to setup own business or don’t have confidence in some sales guy trying to sell you something off the shelf and babbling you with gibberish? You not only don’t understand them but you don’t trust them? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we pride ourselves not only on customer service but provide honest & reliable IT service, needs and solutions.
  6. Exasperated and not sure what IT company to trust as many have let you down? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we have a real relationship with our customers so they feel they can ring us anytime for help and support.
  7. Irritated when they promise you the world and fall short on what they deliver? Feel so let down with your IT products and services? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we give No false promises and deliver the best value for money IT needs.
  8. You call one business to fix your internet only to tell you that need to get another business in to fix the problem or you don’t know who to call to fix a problem, you look in the telephone book or online and don’t know where to start and who to trust? You are disgusted with the charges you get for one simple problem if you only knew IT you could have fixed it yourself? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we give you One number to call, One business, one monthly invoice & one IT support.
  9. You pay bills to many companies and it takes you so much time to transfer money or pay everyone? You are so worn-out paying so many bills and angry your IT is costing you so much money? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we help you budget for your IT expenditure and provide one monthly cost that you can afford that is an automated and gives peace of mind.
  10. Are you stressed and can’t sleep at night because you are going backwards? At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we make it our job to help you grow your business and take away your pain and frustration and create a peace of mind.



Are you frustrated with your IT, and equipment and don’t know where to turn? Does it breakdown and cause you loss of money by not being able to operate efficiently, staff not able to work and then dwindling your customer gratification sometimes loosing customers you work so hard for? Have you been let down by other IT organisations in the past which have caused stress, anxiety and frustration, making you feel so furious and out of control? Not really knowing where to turn to and who to trust?

Your computer problems turn into nightmares when technicians turn up late or not at all? You pull your hair out with business equipment breakdowns and constantly paying out money in bills and blowing out your budget on IT to try to fix but really band aiding it. Is this a ticking time bomb in your business? You don’t know who to call or trust that you feel really understands IT and you understand what they are talking about? You feel so out of the IT loop and don’t really know what options are the best for you? Traditional IT support is reactive instead of proactive; fixing the problems after the damage is done. You are so reliant on IT in this day in age.

Take back control with Byte-Wise IT Solutions. With Byte-Wise IT solutions we pride ourselves on not only our relationship we have with our customers and keep with our customers. But at Byte-Wise IT Solutions we take control when you feel so out of control. At Byte-Wise IT Solutions we listen to you and your stresses and provide the best solution for not only your business but your budget. You will have one monthly bill in which you can budget on that doesn’t cost you a fortune. You tell us your problems and at Byte-Wise IT Solutions we will provide easy to understand feedback on the best quality affordable options you will love that not only saves you time but gives you peace of mind.So from a start-up business to a major network we have the skills and expertise to cut your bills and give you peace of mind and then you can focus on running a great business and guaranteeing your customers contentment and having more time to do thing you love to do.